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Food Grade Diatomaceous earth

What defines us


Eco-Earth produces a special grade of natural fresh-water food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE), a fossilized phytoplantkton mineral.

It is sundried, highly refined and designed to be a safe and effective natural non-chemical alternative for homes, gardens, humans & animals.​


Eco-Earth DE is characterised by its beige to pinkish colour which is evident of its purity and high bio-available Silica content.

Eco-Earth DE is naturally dried which eliminates the petrochemical drying process found in other Diatomaceous Earth products, making it a Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Eco-Earth Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth South Africa for Human consumption, animal consumption, plants, pets and pest control.


​Eco-Earth DE comes from a high quality deposit that consist exclusively of freshwater diatoms, predominantly of the Melosira Granulata species.

​The cylindrical shape and high pore volume of Melosira Granulata diatoms provides high mechanical strength, natural filtration and absorption capabilities.


The specific diatom species and purity of Eco-Earth ensures a high efficacy and Bio-available silica content.

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