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Is our DE Food Grade?


All our DE is Food Grade


Food Grade DE is a simple classification; It must be of fresh water origin and untreated. This ensures it consists of amorphous Silica as apposed to crystalline silica.


Our DE is from a fresh water deposit, sun-dried and untreated. The MCC as well as the department of agriculture have approved our DE. Within the Food Grade label Eco-Earth has purified its DE to varying degrees for different application from soil ammendment to human consumption.


Fresh water Diatomaceous Earth is considered safe and listed on the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States of America as well as the Directorate of Food Control for South Africa. Silicon Dioxide occurs naturally in the body.


Industrial grade DE is either salt water DE or fresh water DE that has been heat treated or chemically treated which makes it crystalline Silica and carcinogenic.

The Different Grades

Premium Grade

Our Premium Grade Eco-Earth is a special grade of freshwater DE. It is sundried, highly refined and designed to be safe for human consumption. It is tasteless and highly palatable for both human and domestic animals.


The finer DE is refined the more effective in becomes. Being so highly refined means it is also the most effective product we have for natural, non-toxic household pest control.




  • Human consumption

  • Domestic animal consumption

  • Household pest control

  • Tick & Flea powder

  • Grain Storage

Pet Grade

Our Pet Grade Eco-Earth is a slightly lower grade of freshwater DE. It is also sundried, highly refined and designed to be suitable for domestic animal consumption.






  • Domestic animal consumption

  • Tick & Flea powder


This product is designated for livestock. Being less fussy than domestic animals, livestock don’t mind the earthy taste of this slightly less refined product. This product is far more affordable than the Premium and Pet Grade DE making it a viable option for the consumption rate of larger livestock animals.


This product is also designated for natural, non-toxic garden pest control use. It is an effective and affordable pest control grade for higher application rates used to cover whole gardens, houses and out door areas.




  •  Garden Pest Control

  • Feed

    • Anti- caking agent in Feed

    • Mould inhibitor in feed

    • Bio-available silica & trace element supplement for feed

    • Insect protection in feed

    • Internal parasite remedy for feed


Feed Grade
Pest Grade
Fertilizer Grade

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Our Fertilizer Grade is designated for organic fertilizers and soil amendments. This product is far less refined than the two products manufactured for ingestion. This product is purely designed to add to soils to improve the bio-available silica content and improve the other aspect of the soil such as increase the cation exchange capacity and water holding capacity. Bio-available silica provides plants with internal pest resistance and improved growth. Being a less refined product it is far cheaper than the other products but is still relatively effective as a topical pest control remedy.



  • Organic Fertilizers

  • Soil amendments



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